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Capt.Gerardo LEBEL

Welcome to SEA BOX URUGUAY web site

In this site, you'll find background information about our activities in Maritme Expertizing, photographs of work, and updated information in new developments "What's New" section.


Naval Officer-Captain (Retired)

Weather Forecaster Class II ( World Weather Organization)

Surveyor IICL5 (Institute of International Container Leesors)

Maritime Expert ( National Justice Branch)

Maritime Systems Bachelor

ISPS Auditor

ISO 9.000 Quality Managment Auditor

ISO 14.000 Environment Auditor



  • Container In Service Survey
  • Cargo damages Certification
  • IMO goods Certification
  • ISPS Code Inspections
  • Maritime Audits
  • Capacitation

Montevideo Port, General View- URUGUAY

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  • Address: Plaza Independencia Nr.842 Suite 408, Montevideo-URUGUAY
  • Phone/Fax : ++ 598 02 9080823
  • Mobile:  096851146
  • CP.11.100

Email us at seaboxmvd@redfacil.com.uy